A hundred year old story made of passion for furniture.
A great love engraved in the wood. A family-company that for about a century, with the traditional quality of its solutions, from Syracuse furnishes the houses of all the south-east of Sicily.

Because this is us. This is Midolo Mobili, the reference point for design in Sicily.

A total exhibition of more than 7 thousand square meters, where to find quality furniture to live in your spaces, a home-showroom that welcomes and satisfies the needs of a clientele that loves a refined and comfortable home and seeks a furnishing of personality and line with new trends.


6 thousand square meters of high quality furniture. Inside, a clever mix of brands.

S.P. SS 114 Priolo Gargallo (Sr) – T. 0931 761033


An exhibition space of 750 square meters
with the excellence of furniture.

Viale Paolo Orsi, 31 Siracusa – T. 0931.69254


360 square meters of exhibition dedicated to furnishing solutions for the children.

Viale Teracati, 21 – T. 0931.30330


A rich single-brand store with the best
leadear company in made in italy design

Viale Teracati, 21 – T. 0931.30330


A team of interior designers and architects, able to advise and design the indoor and outdoor spaces of villas in Sicily, city apartments (in the center of Syracuse, Catania, Ragusa, Messina), luxury farms in the countryside, historical buildings of the South East Baroque, offices of professionals, commercial premises, bars, restaurants and hotels

Maurizio Midolo | Management

Mary Midolo | Administration

Manuela Midolo | Point of sale manager

Elio Di Stefano |Designer

Elena Grasso |Designer

Floriana Fontana |Designer

Adriana Trento |Designer

Laura Pennuto |Designer

Danilo Gafà | Fixer

Alessandro Carini |Fixer