The Story

Styles change, but not our style

THE SAME CARE OF A TIME We work same as it’s always been. And for us,it always means for four generations. Because this was how our great-grandfather Concetto , when at the beginning of the 20th century he opened his carpentry workshop to make cabinets, beds, bedside tables, drawers, boiserie, toilets.

Craft product, high quality; tailor made work for the Syracuse families who trusted him to furnish their homes with style and quality. So our grandfather Ernesto continued that, inheriting from his father not only the carpentry but also the passion for artworks, he developed the furniture business in the whole province of Siracusa in the second post war, extending Midolo’s production and investing in personnel.

The series of furniture produced by Ernesto’s grandfather’s professionals were rigorously handcrafted but able to interpret the needs of the market and trace new styles and new tendencies of taste with which to furnish rooms, dressing rooms, lounges and dining rooms during the fiery period of post-war reconstruction. (Continued)

THE MANFREDI’S LUCID MADNESS IN THE YEARS 60’s Rely on us means to design all your home environments with the unmistakable design style of the best brands and the quality of the never changed proposals over time.

This is how it has been since the 60s – since 1964, precisely – since our father Manfredi, born in 1937, on the wave of the extraordinary economic boom of time, has literally transformed the family lab and passion for furniture furniture into a all-round business and a variety of solutions never before seen in the area.

Three shops open, in those years, in the city center in Syracuse: Le Camerette, with 360 sqm of exposure dedicated to this type of furniture; Le Cucine, , an exhibition space dedicated to the kitchen furnishings and developed on a 750 sqm surface; the Calligaris shop: a rich single-brand store of 150 square meters, transformed in 2018 into a sofas sales point with the Calia Italia Store single-brand store. But the true dream of Dad Manfredi takes over in 1977 (precisely on 07/07/77): to create an impressive showroom in size and supply, far from the town center and located in the industrial area (making it a dumper also for the other business man in the territory).

The “lucid and far-sighted madness” of Dad Manfredi concretizes between 1980 and 1981, when he opens the sales outlet that still characterizes and manifests love for the design and quality furniture of Midolo family. In Priolo there are 6,000 square meters of exhibition and sale, with the best Italian and foreign furniture brands, able to intercept all the needs and demands of the market, becoming the true point of reference for furniture throughout Sicily.

Natural for us, Manfredi’s sons, consider this showroom as a second home. We have “eaten” throughout childhood “bread and drafts”, breathing the scent of wood and developing from the small to that passion for the beauty and the quality that nature had generously donated to the Midolo’s lineage. (Continued)

TODAYS AND TOMORROWS: THE LUXURY OF CUDDLING CUSTOMERS To our increasingly and demanding customers (prices, styles, solutions, spaces), we, Midolo, offer 360 degree personalized advice.

Often, our customers are like our family children who used our father’s experience and for us it is an honor to furnish their home, keeping intact that relationship of trust that has been created over the years.

They come back to us, their children, because they too recognize the values that always guide our family and our company: professionalism, reliability, seriousness, historicity and respect. Towards Customers, Employees, Suppliers. And because they know that the passion for quality furniture from us, is home. The Priolo showroom, meanwhile, our main office, was revised internally, in 1996, the year after we, the brothers, step in to Father Manfredi in family business management.

Constantly in contact with customers, we are always ready to provide advice, ideas and furnishing advice to us, based on the teachings of Dad Manfredi. Advice we have also followed in imaging and realizing, in 2013, the last major renovation, Of which probably did not feel the need.

But wanting to keep the quality of our offer high and the more comfortable and functional the 6,000 sqm of the showroom, the Priolo store has undergone an impressive and challenging structural and commercial restyling operation, which involved brand selection and new general concept.


6 thousand square meters of
high quality furniture.
Inside, a clever mix of brand.

S.P. SS 114 Priolo Gargallo (Sr) – T. 0931 761033


An exhibition space of 750 square meters,
with the excellence of the furnishings available to everyone

Viale Paolo Orsi, 31 Siracusa – T. 0931.69254


360 square meters dedicated to
furniture solutions
for children’s bedroom.

Viale Teracati, 21 – T. 0931.30330


A rich single-brand with
the best of the leadear company
in design made in Italy

Viale Teracati, 21 – T. 0931.30330